Managed Mastercard® card

Free employee choice with Mastercard® network

Use in stores and on internet

The 1st contactless card for Staff Councils

No other card is more
widely accepted in the world

The Mastercard® card that revolutionizes subsidised allocation

Centralize all your subsidised allocation

Quick and easy loading

The Staff Council in employees' pockets

Secure your
subsidised allocation

No more cash or gift checks

In case of loss or theft
get a new card

with URSAFF regulations

Simplify your
subsidised allocation

Make your subsidised allocation
in a few clicks

Your employees are informed
in real time by SMS and email

Unify all your subsidised allocation
with only one innovative tool


  • Compliant with URSSAF rules
  • Use in stores and on internet
  • Card valid for 3 years
  • More purchasing power
  • your subsidised allocation dematerialized
  • The staff council in your pocket


Free employee choice

| Dematerialize gift checks

Forget the "partner brands" puzzle. Employees make their purchases at retailers displaying the Mastercard® logo worldwide or on the Internet (excluding fuel, food and ATM withdrawal).

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Easy and convenient

| A unique reload card valid for 3 years

No more paper, storage and transport.
Reload your employees' cards remotely.
The employee is informed by email and SMS on his mobile phone of his allocation.

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In complete safety

| Subsidised allocation is secured

In the event of loss or theft of the card, the employee lodges an objection on his card.
This one's blocked.
He can then get a new card from the staff council.
Subsidised allocation is secured.

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The Next Generation Grant

| Unify your grants, facilitate management

The Mastercard acceptance network makes it possible to target ticketing as well as holidays, and much more. Your 11 Urssaf events and refunds are centralized on a single tool.

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Innovative elected representatives

| Join the revolution

Leisure bouquets, gifts, outings... you are already doing everything and you are looking for something new to complete your offer with an innovative product? Adopt what all staff councils will have tomorrow: the VAZIVA managed card

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Regulatory compliance

| Innovative and compliant 

With the VAZIVA Prepaid Mastercard Card, you can benefit from an innovative grant management tool in compliance with regulations and URSAFF rules.

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  1. Talk to one of our advisors who will answer your questions

  2. I receive my cards

    • You will receive your card through the mail
  3. I load my cards

    • according to the subsidised allocation
  4. Employees use their card

    • no other card is more widely accepted in the world
    • in store and on the internet
    • At each subsidised allocation they are informed by email and SMS

Mobile Applications

Staff council in your pocket with mobile applications, 24/7 wherever you are. Designed to simplify the daily use of your Vaziva card, while offering you a maximum of services!

  • Manage your account from your mobile or tablet
  • View your balance and access your transaction history
  • Get the latest news from your staff council